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Our high-capacity casting factory has facilities manufacturing spare parts for main industries and sub-industries.
Our operations include casting for various materials, heat treatment and finishing of such materials.
Main manufacturing items are safety parts in particular.
For nearly three decades, our group of companies has been manufacturing cast material products for main factories in automotive, tractor, engine production, energy and machine industries.
We produce quality gray iron, world-class nodular iron and alloy versions of these parts.
• We have a large production capacity for both semi-finished and finished prodcuts.
We offer quantity-based and economical quotes depending on the characteristics of the requested part.
• Provision of technical and economic information minimizes the costs of the parts, creates possibilities and helps us offer the most competitive price.
• Thanks to our own modelling and molding workshops, we economize significantly on especially preliminary investments required to begin production.
• Our facilities hold numerous national and international quality certificates.
• On the premises we have laboratories fully-equipped with chemical, metallurgical and physical tests.

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1) We use fully-controlled nodular cast iron and quality gray cast iron raw materials, regardless of their cost.
2) We use tested ferroalloys and auxiliary materials for long-duration manufacturing, in case of which brands of such materials can not be changed.
3) Casting takes place in automated lines at specified operation times.
The said system prevents deviations in casting temperatures.
A standard cooling gradient is set.
4) Sand preparation systems are fully automated and electronic.
5) On our premises we apply specific and planned quality control methods to manufacture safety parts for large-scale industries such as automotive, engine, tractor, natural gas and energy lines.
a) Parts are 100% sight and sound tested.
b) Raw material and auxiliary material inputs are always derived from the same sources and are subject to intense chemical control.
c) During production, we take frequent, periodic and end-of-pot specimen and control spheroidization without compromise.
d) Following manufacturing and final controls, parts are packaged and shipped along with their chemical, metallurgical and physical quality control reports.
e) Parts that are faulty in shape and aesthetics are almost always used for deformation and destructive testing.
f) With continuous R&D activities, we manufacture and advance parts that show maximum impact resistance and fatigue strength.
g) Based on customer demands, we conduct exclusive R&D activities to manufacture different products.
h) Shipment packages have labels that include the names of staff that have carried out the given operation.
Every package is given a number and is recorded in the warehouse registry book.
Any problems that may occur in batches or packages are recorded.
i) Every part has a traceability record with the production date on it.
j) As regards parts with satisfactory production volumes, model and core boxes are made free of charge, with samples delivered to customers for approval.